Contact Lens

Contact lenses are a great way to enhance your eyes and improve your vision. Whether you participate in sports, want to change your eye color, are just don't want to wear glasses for that "special" occasion, contacts could be right for you. Calgary Optical & Contact Lens specializes in fitting all types of contact lenses in both rigid and soft lens materials. We carry a large inventory of both daily wear and disposable soft contact lenses.

Some of the benefits contact lenses offer are: Great for sporting activities where glasses may get in the way or be dangerous. Eg. skiing, racquetball, hockey. Contact lenses don't fog up in cold weather or get water spots in rainy weather. You can enjoy uninterrupted peripheral vision and perhaps try some of our stylish, designer sunglasses to spruce up your image. Great for those days on the beach! New advances in contact lens technology include: Silicone Hydrogel Lenses - feature higher oxygen content ensuring whiter, healthier eyes. ( No more red eyes!!) Daily Disposable Lenses - are clean, comfortable and virtually hassle free. These are great for travelers or those of us with busy lifestyles where cleaning and storage of normal contacts are a problem.